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Ellen DeGeneres hurt by Elton John after coming-out

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Coming out of the closet in her sitcom was Ellen DeGeneres the hardest thing she has ever done. When she opbiechtte that they are women, everyone left in Hollywood for her fall. Ellen is especially angry about how in common the Elton John against her.

Although her manager, she always don’t recommend using about her orientation talk, decision the presenter in 1997 to open map to play. In the episode’ The puppy episode of her sitcom Ellen is her character out of the closet. The title of the episode refers to a producer who suggested that as Ellens character, not a man was dating them “but a puppy had to take”.


When Ellens character the truth, come clean, does the actress that. “I wanted nothing more than comedy, people do laugh. But I also wanted to that everyone knew who I was, and I’m a lesbian,” says Ellen about her coming-out at the time. “I was relieved and terrified at the same time, when the transmitter me éindelijk gave permission to get out of the closet.”

Elton John

Ellen had her coming-out heavy lives. No one wanted to be with her work, and her show was of the bus removed. The blonde hoped support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual among the well-known Americans, but no one seemed to appreciate that about her orientation spoke. Elton John, become the face of homosexuality in Hollywood was mean to her. “He said ah, be silent still, we know it, you’re gay, just be funny.”


The current talkshowhost tells now that some of the statements of gay-icon Elton John is her a lot of pain, have done. “I thought that was very offensive, no one took me seriously. I also had the feeling that I have not wanted to accept because I was not at that time determined an Elton John was: I still had not done much for the lgbt community, I was no heroine.” But in the wild they also are not. “I just wanted to be an actress who also happens to be a lesbian.”

The Ellen Show

Fortunately Ellen DeGeneres in 2018, however, count on support. Her program, The Ellen Show is a spokeswoman for diversity and the presenter is a big advocate of lgbt rights. Last year, she celebrated that she was 20 years ago out of the closet. This time, she received congratulations from all over the world, among others, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

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