Eldest son of Trump divorce

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NEW YORK – The eldest son of the Us president, Donald Trump junior, is going to divorce his wife Vanessa. She has filed for divorce after a marriage of over twelve years. The couple married in 2005 in Florida and has five children. Both of them are now forty years old.

They put in a statement that their children remain a priority and that they each other and each other’s family honor, reported in the American media. Which suggest that ex-fashion model, and actress Vanessa Kay Haydon has enough of a life in the political spotlight. They would also be more and more people are going to annoy a bunch of peaceful twitter of her husband.

Trump junior is a crucial figure in the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to possible Russian involvement with the Us presidential election. That’s mainly because he is in June 2016, with campaigners of his father a meeting with a Russian lawyer. They would have suggested that she is the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a bad light could make.

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