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Damso is most streamed Belgian musician

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His music was to vrouwonvriendelijke found to the world cup-song of the Red Devils, but it was Damso last year’s most-streamed. The controversial rapper will receive, therefore, the Ultratop Streaming Award.

That has Sam Jaspers, director of Ultratop, Friday announced. Damso took with the album ‘Ipséité’ the top of the Walloon album charts. He scored four top 10 hits, especially in streaming a lot of harvesting success, such as ‘Macarena’ and ‘Mwaka Moon’, the number 1-hit with Kalash.

The Brussels-based rapper walked the past few weeks in the spotlight. Damso would be for the Football association to the world cup song, but that drew protest from several organizations and politicians, because of its explicit and vrouwonvriendelijke texts. The Football association stopped the cooperation with Damso. The rapper himself to be satisfied with the free advertising.

The ex-winners Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Lost Frequencies ended this time in the streaminglijst on the second and third place. Oscar And The Wolf and Bazart complete the top 5, while “Here With You” by Lost Frequencies & Netsky is the most streamed local track.

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