Bomb under marriage, Tim and Deborah

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Temptation Island breaks her own records. The new season after seven episodes, good for an average of 733.356 viewers and 49.8% market share on fri, 20-49 and transcends all previous seasons in the history of the program. Also in the Netherlands starts the program finally returned to score, there seemed to Temptation Island the past few weeks, not even in the top 15 of bestbekeken programs. Thursday could do. The arrival of the four new singles and drove the temperatures last week were up in. Especially the new verleidsters played their role excellent. In both resorts were the cards firmly shuffled. Thursday was for the third time the dreaded campfire. Cherish tried to her battle to save it and went for the full “timtation” and that was her nice.

The biggest names feat of arms is still of Tim, who cancels his marriage proposal. Was Tim is oh so self-confident that he, Deborah, after the Temptation Island-adventure in marriage would ask? Was it not Tim who thought of house, garden, ….?

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