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Bol.com scores with ‘offer’ for Tim of ‘Temptation Island’

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After the eighth episode of ‘Temptation Island’, it is clear that things will change between the Belgian couple, Tim and Deborah. Bol.com knew already board with the engagement ring from Tim.

Note: If you are in all the turmoil still to the last episode of Temptation Island wants to watch, read, you better not go.

House, garden, baby. That was the starting point of Deborah and Tim, which can be seen in the latest season of the television series Temptation Island. Tim took on day one of all precautions to fourteen days without his Deborah to survive: a sticker with a “no girls allowed” on the door of his room, a pillow to cuddle with a T-shirt of his girlfriend and a photo of the couple on his bedside table, where, says Tim, clearly to see is that they are simply for the girl.

“I will resist that temptation, because I love my girlfriend, you heard Tim so often, say if he but could. ‘Here we go stronger come true. And my engagement ring is ready. We are getting married. Anyway, ” she said.

Ivy & Engagement Ring

However, he Tim in the previous episode becoming the flirt with one of the bachelor ladies. She is blond and not his type, but has ” beautiful eyes, and beautiful teeth’, trusted Tim the camera. In the latest episode saw viewers how Tim suddenly tells against the temptress, and that his love for her a bit uncontrollably between him and Deborah is grown‘, such As ivy, do you know that plant? Who goes his own way. So it is with love.” Eventually Tim in bed with the seductress and he says that ” the engagement ring yet stored’.

Bol.com played it on Facebook and placed a humorous offer for Tim online:

‘House, garden, round trip: engagement ring, return offered’, it sounds in the listing. ‘Neatly within the 30-day cooling-off period, Tim ” wrote Bol.com there is still with a wink.

In less than one day got the message 51.000 likes and about 1,700 comments. Also to the comments knew the employees of Bol.com original answers to remember, that, in their turn, again up to 300 times fun were found.

Bol.com turn since the beginning of its presence on social media to interact with consumers. Almost every response of consumers on the Facebook page, get a (humorous) response.

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