Bennie Jolink is coming BACK!

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Bennie Jolink is working on a return in the music. Not with travel, but occasionally he wants to yet again play live. And he is working on a solo album. That let him know via RTV Oost.

Bennie Jolink during the farewell concert Normally in the Gelredome in Arnhem

Very firmly he had after the afscheidstour of Normal in 2015 to let us know that he will never live that would occur. And had he willed, his health had, moreover, his asthma was worse than ever. The forty years in the music turned out to be a few years too many, too heavy. Hospitalizations and even won a period of ten weeks in a special rehabilitation centre frustreerden the singer and he already had a predisposition for depression.

Last year, there was relief and hope, when it became known that Bennie Jolink much benefit with a new medication. However, he would 2017 ’muziekloos’ spend, he said at the time in The Telegraph. “Next year I’m going to think about what I’m going to do. If I was going to do, that is drawing, painting and design. And pay special attention to my now nine (nine!) grandchildren.” Later that year he would be The Telegraph to let us know that he is musical indeed still very active. “I have a new studio: the Commodore III.0 Studio. Because whether I want it or not, musical ideas are always bubbling in me.”

Fans are ecstatic at the last concert of Normal in december 2015

In short, he concluded: “It seems for now better to go, but I dare say there is nothing final to say about that.” But now there is still things many fans had hoped for: the return of Bennie Jolink. And was is a better opportunity for that first live performance since a couple of years will be, at the unveiling of the huge statue of Normal in Hummelo, on Ascension day, may 10? With his original band members Ferdi Joly and Willem Terhorst he will what songs. A taste of his solo album? And perhaps also his well-known ‘ hit ‘I kom altied back again…’

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