Bakery that does not want to take 3000 euros to pay

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Lusigny-sur-Gruff – Baker Cédric Vaivre from the Fransje village of Lusigny-sur-Gruff 3000 euro fine to pay because he refused to be a day of rest. In July and August he decided to use every morning, the locals and the many tourists of fresh bread. And that should not, according to a regulation from the 1920s.

Therein one can read that the bakers every week day must have their doors should close. Interestingly enough, the following rule applies for the bakers.

Previous years should Vaivre up to seven days in the week open. For him, it was made an exception because his shop to a tourist route in the Aube. Last summer, he got this permission suddenly no more.

Support customers bakker

The French bakery and decided to open anyway because it is in the months of July and August it was the largest part of his annual raises. Now he refuses even to pay the fine. His customers support him with a petition.

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