Axelle Red presents new album at the Ancienne Belgique

3216a7b123634d3f34824f3beb857c03 - Axelle Red presents new album at the Ancienne Belgique

The Belgian singer Axelle Red has today released its new album ‘Exile’ released. On 2 June the new album is also in the Brussels concert hall Ancienne Belgique. Reports that the AB today, in a press release.

Red came in late 2017 with the single ‘Who’s gonna help you?’ for the first time in years, with new work on the gpu. The song was a precursor to her new album. They are made at the same time also announced that they ambassador Handicap International would be. Last week, got the singer a spot in the Hall of fame of Radio 2.

The singer worked on her new album together with several artists. “On Exile are great names side by side with that of Axelle. With two of them, she has a common past: Albert Hammond and Shelly Peiken wrote exactly 25 years ago to one of the greatest successes on her debut album, the classic ‘Sensualité'”, says the.

On ‘Exile’ goes Red “way of the studio musicians, with a little more pop and rock than soul in the sound”. She explores on the album is primarily her own voice: “With power, a few tones higher sing, and yet that ‘grain’: that was the new challenge. My voice is the main instrument on the album,” says the singer.

Tickets for the concert are available through the website of AB.

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