Amber Heard breaks bone in leg

dceb08e34949fe59d9607f86331f9b6d - Amber Heard breaks bone in leg

Amber Heard has a bone in her leg broken. How they the injury suffered, the actress is not disclosed.

Heard (31) has informed on Thursday two photos on Instagram. The first was made at a doctor’s or in a hospital. She wears an apron on and is leaning on crutches. “MRI-chic on crutches,” she writes with the photo.

Later, she shared a new photo of herself on crutches, this time surrounded by a group of friends, with the message: “Let a broken bone is never a good dinner spoilt.”

Although the photos look like they’re not on her right leg can support, seems to be Heard no plaster to be had. She writes in her messages are not what bone she has broken.


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