“All that did is now commonplace in Syria’

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Almost 300 days was this journalist in-prisons. He took revenge by making as much information as possible about IS’ers to gather and play. ‘Normal people publish really no koran in which they call for the killing of people.”

Or he is afraid that terrorist group IS him in Germany. The 24-year-old Masoud Aqil draws his eyebrows on, far above his glasses. ’Scared?’ he says surprised. “I am never afraid …

Or he is afraid that terrorist group IS him in Germany. The 24-year-old Masoud Aqil draws his eyebrows on, far above his glasses. ’Scared?’ he says surprised. “I’ve never been afraid, not even when she caught me held.’

How can you not be afraid of people that you are every day torturing? ‘Torture is a logical consequence of being stuck in. I mean, the terrorists are, what do you expect? In addition, I was not the only one who was tortured, and I wanted to not that she is above me.’

How he is in the hands of IS fell

Aqil grew up in the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishli and worked as a tv journalist for the news organization Rudaw. He commented on the war and was therefore at the height of the danger.

In december 2014, his 21st, will he, during a trip together with a colleague arrested – 280 days, he is then stuck in various prisons. So long that after a while he falls over at the turn of a few steps – his legs can’t.

Not that he expected once the prison, to survive, but if he would be set free, had he intended, he IS to address. Meanwhile, he collects evidence about the IS’ers in Europe and plays that to the German authorities.

He wrote it on (in order not to have to talk to)

Before Aqil started his recently published book, The boy who IS fighting, it was all off, ” he says.

‘Even the smallest memories I have after my release immediately written down. I knew I never would do. I always find it very important to everything I am experiencing with everyone to share. And in the time that I got stuck, in the years 2014 and 2015, knew a lot of people still not what IS was.”

What small unsavory memories that he wrote down, he wants to now not share.

“I wrote this book so that I would have to talk.’ The book is about the violence and fanaticism of the ‘sadistic’, ‘executioners’ and ‘gremlins’ that to him every day torture and beating; with sticks, iron rods and cables. Every hour there was a guard in his cell, who called out that his head off and his family would be sent.

‘When I got home videos of killings on YouTube had seen, I had always wondered what someone had to feel like he was in an orange overalls kneeling or sitting, with chained hands and feet, waiting for his execution, ” he writes. Now he had to fear that he is the starring role was in a movie.

The death penalty he got

The death penalty was on him pronounced, but not executed. Like that time at night, he in his cell was in there with a syringe, a substance that in him was sprayed. “Anxious I waited for the impact,” he writes. “Maybe they had me poisoned, so I unconscious would hit or would choke.’ But nothing happened. ‘If only the panic of that night, I will my whole life not forget.”

After a prisoner exchange

After nine months Aqil unexpectedly with the help of the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG released through a prisoner exchange. He had the names of many of his-tormentors remember. A short time later, he fled together with his mother to Germany. Himself, he wanted to prefer to stay in Syria to continue, but found that his family is unwise.

They celebrated the attacks in Europe

On the way to Germany, in Istanbul, he arrives in a bakery a IS-flag. He sees radical muslims are walking on the street. How can IS professionals themselves so blatantly show, he asks. Via Facebook he gets a message from a former fellow prisoner who IS hear and now living in Europe.

Aqil was surprised about the public details that the IS’ers shared, and how easy they make their way to Europe. In the prison they celebrated nota bene the attacks in europe were committed.

‘At that time was not yet defeated, ” says Aqil. “They still had many fans on Facebook and Twitter. That shared photos with flags in the background, such dumb idiots are. I followed people online and collected photos, videos and other incriminating information. Sometimes I saw where the’it came from and I was able to use contacts from their home to find out which type it was and whether he was dangerous or not.”

Every time Aqil on executievideo’s clicked, he was afraid old cellmates to see whom he befriended. He made a list of more than hundred people who he with the German authorities shared. “I have the material just forwarded to a contact person there, I don’t know exactly what they have done.’

How do you see the difference between a violent IS there, and being a follower?

‘That is to so many things clear and easy to recognize, especially if you are like I am fluent in Arabic and speaks in that region grew up. You can hear how they talk and the way they Arabic texts from the Koran. Normal people publish really no koran in which they call for the killing of people. There don’t joke about, and something you go all social media sharing. Now reports is that many have their profile shut down. If they now about the islamic state at the start they say: what is islamic state?’

What IS’ers for types?

“It’s been mentally weak people. Look, the world is built on two principles; the good and the evil. The idiots that have to also add, do not see that it IS evil. The real idiots are the ones who have the weapons to hold and on the front line to fight. The people above them, are smarter, are very cunning and mysterious.’Unfortunately, it is still none have succeeded to the radicalism off. Before I was arrested, I thought something against them to be able to do, as an individual. But we can do nothing, and also the people in the Middle East, not life. Only the governments that exist there, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and the United States, are able to do so.’

Many Syrians say that in the West much attention is paid to and too little for Assad.

“Yes, that is exactly why Assad may benefit from. He has all the radical prisoners were released and that have to IS accompanied by people who are even crazier seem than he. All what IS did has now become normal in Syria. Even the Free Syrian Army, initially a moderate sunnitische group, do the last months the same as IS. They decapitate people and have, in some areas, sharia appliance entered. What in Syria is happening is not a revolution against the government of Assad, it is a radical religion war. And she murders all of them. Assad kills, kills, Putin kills, Iran kills. The level that the Syrian war has reached is not more frightening, but downright nasty. They kill each other now to kill.’

After seven years of war has Aqil feel that there is no end more to come. In his book, he discusses the terrorist attacks of recent years took place in Europe. He writes about European young people to Syria went to join IS to be added, about how many of them have a criminal background and in the jail came in contact with each other.

IS lives like a time bomb among us, he writes. But Europe can’t do anything, ” he says. “These are the false imams that young people are radicalising, Europe can not all mosques to check, and the money to prevent this from Turkey and Saudi Arabia.’

He is worried about how radicals use the liberal values in the European society. “They set up their islamic religion equal to that of the christian religion, and say: if you have the freedom to your religion to show, I can do that too. But they are not equivalent. The one leads to radicalism, the other does not.’

You write that you fear that in Europe we have dozens of years with islamist terror.

‘Radicalism remains, and the cause is obvious. The danger comes from islamic governments that radical groups in Syria, supporting, and islam spread in Europe. Refugees are still not for nothing is left out of those countries? I am not against religion and, of course, there is a moderate islam. The problem is that the islamic governments is no moderate islam spread, they are saddling Europe with problems.’

Who is Masoud Aqil?Masoud Aqil was in 1993 born in a Kurdish family in a city in Northeast Syria. In 2011, he went to Aleppo, English literature study. After a missile attack on the university, he returned in 2013 to return to his native city, after which he for an independent Kurdish television station went to work.

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