Africa calls upon the EU to the trade in ivory to ban

8d74fd99a560e5b0a97e1abe4c8971f0 - Africa calls upon the EU to the trade in ivory to ban

The presidents of Botswana, Uganda and representatives of 30 other African countries, the European Union called on the trade in ivory was banned.

The abolition of legal sales of ivory to ensure that the poaching of elephants, stop. Every year, thousands of elephants only for their tusks killed. President Ian Khama and the representatives from other African countries endorsed Friday in Kasane in Botswana and a corresponding plea of the advocacy group Avaaz. Khama called on the Us government on to come back on her decision, that the import of hunting trophies from different African countries allows.


The EU is the largest exporter of legal worked ivory. Conservationists argue that any legal trade loopholes open, which poachers use the ivory to sell. China and hong Kong have recently under international pressure, the trade in ivory is prohibited. “The rest of the world turns away from the ivory trade, why Europe?’, asked the campagnedirecteur of Avaaz, Bert Wander. There for the EU is no longer an excuse, he declared at the summit of the Giants Club, a forum for the protection of the elephant.

Worldwide life the most elephants in Africa – and in no other country are there more than in Botswana. In many countries, such as in Tazania, the wildstroperij to a drastic decline of the olifantenpopulatie led.

The EU has for a long time the trade in tusks and ivory products for march 1, 1947, were acquired, allowed. But the determination of the age of tusks is complex, what is deception easier. By the since 2012, growing exports to Asia, the EU has, therefore, last year the export of whole tusks is prohibited. The existing exceptions may be “the global demand for ivory fueled or as a cover for illegal ivory trade have served”, said the EU-commission in October.

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