Washington adopts new sanctions against Russia

4d96db02b1ae64811fc15d69acaf9765 - Washington adopts new sanctions against Russia

The United States new sanctions against Russia issued in connection with the alleged interference of Moscow in the American presidential election of 2016. Nineteen people and five institutions to be endorsed.

The penalties come only a month and a half after the deadline the Us Congress to president Donald Trump had imposed. Because Trump that deadline was missed, begun some congressmen to doubt if there is any new sanctions would come.

If they are so with one and a half month delay, the new sanctions are the toughest that Trump until now has imposed on Russia in the investigation into the alleged verkiezingsinmenging.

The sanctions take a variety of Russian citizens and companies by special prosecutor Robert Mueller are accused U.s. presidential elections have affected. Also against two Russian intelligence agencies – the FSB and the military Groups – are penalties set. Washington accuses the military intelligence of cyber-attacks and hacking.


In addition, avoid also the St. Petersburg-based “Internet Research Agency” is not on the latest decision of Trump. The targeted agency is known as a ‘trollenboerderij’, of which the workers flocked to post comments on social media, thus influencing public opinion.

With the new sanctions will bring the number of government-Trump-endorsed companies or persons now above one hundred.

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