‘Vitesse coach Slutsky is a celebrity in Russia

691d01ce2bccbfec45d2d7900f7a4369 - 'Vitesse coach Slutsky is a celebrity in Russia

With a witty appearance in a satirical Russian tv program took Leonid Slutsky last month without hesitation his failed adventure at Hull City on the heel. The new Vitesse coach can then at first glance a bit surly happen, but praised for his sense of humor, open mind and adventurous character. TELESPORT spoke with three Russian (ex-)football players, active in the Netherlands and one Dutch citizen in Russia has worked on the 46-year-old coach from Volgograd.

With Leonid Slutsky has Vitesse, according to the experts, a charismatic and humorous trainer won, which is hugely driven is also outside Russia successful as a trainer.

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