United Airlines is again the error in

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OREGON – United Airlines has an internal investigation after a German shepherd of the family Swindle – on a separate flight – not to destination, Kansas was flown, but to Japan.

Kara Swindle flew with her two children from Oregon to Kansas to look for a new house. Once at the Kansas City Airport arrived, she wanted to her ten-year-old German shepherd Irgo retrieve. However, in place of their own dear dog, was there suddenly a German dog wagging his tail. This reports KCTV. This dog had, however, on the way to Japan.

After Kara immediately panic began to complain, there was a mix-up had occurred. Irgo was accidentally on the way to Japan. The German shepherd landed safely in East Asia, but owner Kara has her furry friend’s not back yet. Maybe the poor animal in quarantine and she has Irgo only a minimum of two weeks back. Vliegtuigmedewerkers, however, have said that the dog is on his way to Kansas.

Dead puppy

“I just want to know where my dog is. The fact that we really have no idea is the most frustererende. He would already be in Kansas, but we have no idea. The paperwork is dramatic here. There sata, for example, that our dog already have, but we know that he is not. What a horror,” she says.

She continues: “I can’t take it anymore to cry. I have too much done.” Meanwhile, United Airlines has also responded. “We are in contact with the customer and we’ll look at how this has to be covered.”

The commotion around United Airlines follows after earlier this week a ten-month-old puppy a flight with the airline didn’t survive. The creature had a stewardes be stowed in the luggage compartment above the heads of the passengers. The frightened little dog squealed, a large part of the flight, but when the boss after landing the cover of the rack, opened it, she found the dead viervoetertje Papacito.

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