Ukrainian pilote ’planned attack parliament’

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KIEV – A Ukrainian luchtmachtpilote and a member of parliament Thursday accused. Nadja Savchenko has a terrorist attack on the parliament of Ukraine is planned, says justice in Kiev. They would be under more hand grenades to the regeringsvak in the meeting room have want to throw. Then she would survivors want to shoot.

Nadja Savchenko.

Savchenko was sitting from 2014 to 2016 in prison in Russia. She was accused two Russian journalists in Eastern Ukraine has killed, what she denies. They received a pardon from Russian president Vladimir Putin and was immediately exchanged for two Russians who are in Ukraine are adhered to.

By a hunger strike in the Russian cell she was in Ukraine a national hero. While she was stuck, she was in the Ukrainian parliament will be elected. She was first a member of the Vaderlandpartij, but is now under international law.

The parliament will decide likely next week or the inviolability of Savchenko is lifted. The prosecutor has asked for it, so that they can be prosecuted.

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