Trump, Merkel and Macron stand behind May

d2dcba01fd0fa85d45007d6ea0984295 - Trump, Merkel and Macron stand behind May

Great Britain will have the support of the United States, Germany and France after the poisoning of a former spy. The allies speaking in a joint communication of an attack against Great Britain, and hold the Russians responsible.

That report British media. The leaders condemn the attack on the former spy Sergei Skripal, and point out that it is the first attack with chemical weapons in Europe since the Second world War. They call this a ” clear violation of the convention on the use of chemical weapons, and international law’.

Britain let the other countries know that Russia is behind the attack would be, and the partners follow the line of reasoning. “This threatens the safety of all of us. (…) We share the determination of the UK that there is no credible other statements. That Russia has not addressed the legitimate request of the UK for more explanation, underlines his responsibility.”

The leaders ask, therefore, that Russia immediately to all requests for information about the attack reply. “We ask Russia to the duties as a member of the UN Security council to international peace and security in order to keep’.

It is highly unusual that the leaders of these countries together, a communication and dissemination. Russia had earlier already know that the allegations are not correct.

Great Britain, after the attack resolves 23 Russian diplomats out. In response, threatens to Russia ‘quickly’ to do the same.

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