‘Tribute” Neymar Stephen Hawking is wrong

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The ‘tribute’ of Neymar to the deceased astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is not everybody’s good earth cases.

Criticism on the post of Neymar

The Brazilian star from PSG, who recently had surgery on his right foot, tweette a picture of herself in a wheelchair. This was a quote from Hawking, a few decades to a wheelchair was unable to work because he suffered from the disease AS. “You must have a positive attitude and make the best out of the situation where you sit,” came the accompanying text of Neymar.

Not everyone thought the comparison of Neymar with the serious ill Hawking appropriate. “It’s the pinnacle of narcissism to the death of Hawking with yourself to compare. That Neymar is temporarily confined to a wheelchair, is not comparable to the situation in which Hawking was. I’m sure he’s not evil referred to, but come on now”, wrote reporter Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated.

Hawking, who died Wednesday at the age of 76.




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