‘Tiësto and Afrojack customers fraudulent tax adviser’

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The tax adviser who is suspected that he well-known Dutch figures on paper, let them emigrate to tax havens, representing the big dj’s like Tiësto and Afrojack. In this way, for millions of tax evaded.

That is to say at least sources by Quote. Some dj’s and lawyers would all by the authorities are questioned.

The Public Prosecutor made Wednesday announced that the Fiscal Inquiry and tracing service (FIOD) raided in Amsterdam, Volendam and Utrecht.

If the clients of the man knew of his methods, they may be an accessory identified in the fraud. According to Quote reason to cause unrest among the involved dj’s.

They would now by their managers or lawyers are informed whether they are exposed to possible interrogations, raids, or even persecution.

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The consultant would be tax evasion facilitation via structures in tax havens, where his clients on paper and nowhere to live. Also is the advisor suspected of making false declarations.

According to the FIOD used the man two trust offices of others to the declarations of his clients to submit to the Tax authorities. This is the administration seized.


It is according to the FIOD is not clear whether the clients of the advisor were aware. They look to the possible involvement or knowledge of the actions of the tax adviser. They can also be as suspect to be identified.


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