Tax specialist Frank B. says ‘shocked’ over allegations

eb9f388f12a6fdeedddbc1f569ed33ba - Tax specialist Frank B. says 'shocked' over allegations

Frank B. has, through his lawyer responded to the accusations to his address. The tax expert says in a press release “perplexed” about the allegations.

Financial lawyer Frank B. reacts for the first time on the allegations against his person. According to his lawyer research the Fiod and the Public Prosecutor on structures of two of B.’s clients. “That they live abroad, is matched with the Tax authorities,” says the lawyer.

“Frank B. has to fulfill his work completely rely on the applicable law and regulations. The client always has an open, transparent and constructive working relationship with the Tax authorities and had also pursued.” The lawyer stressed that Frank B. cooperate with the authorities to “arising misunderstandings’ in the shortest possible time to solve the problem.


Also Afrojack, who just like Linda de Mol and Patricia Mine to the clientele of B. belongs, has responded to the accusations to the address of his adviser. “From the press release it appears that there is a criminal investigation to the tax adviser of Afrojack. He added that he was shocked. He doesn’t know better or all his tax matters are in accordance with the law and he wants to emphasize that it pertains to a suspicion of the tax adviser.”

“Afrojack is a DJ/producer, mainly with the making of music. Afrojack takes this matter very seriously, and has nothing to hide from the Fiod. He recognizes it is not in the condemning news that now the media has spread about this case.”


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