‘Syrian army advancing in East Ghouta’

2c00373d17b7a685f87ca8ca5f36c8d4 - ‘Syrian army advancing in East Ghouta’

The Syrian government forces book in the rebellenenclave Eastern Ghouta, more and more ground. According to the Syrian Observatory of human Rights, the soldiers there Wednesday night air and artilleriesteun in parts of the city Hammuriyeh to conquer.

In Hammuriyeh would be about 5,000 citizens are stuck. The battles are possible again, a lot of civilian cases. According to the Observatory in East Ghouta in the past four months at least 1992 people, including 426 children, killed and got 7.042 injured. About 400,000 people live there for years, cut off from humanitarian aid.

Wednesday were there for the second day in a row evacuations of citizens from Eastern Ghouta, reported the Syrian Red crescent. This would be approximately 25 citizens have been evacuated. At the evacuation Tuesday went according to the United Nations to 147 civilians.

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