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Stoffel Vandoorne: “The feeling is much better than last year”

f4b66760c550bd176e47d6c0138f1e3b - Stoffel Vandoorne: "The feeling is much better than last year"

In the run-up to the new F1 season has the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne this year, a much better feeling than last year.

A year ago, it was Vandoorne in full preparation of finished his debut season in Formula 1. It was the beginning of a very difficult seizoensbegin. The preparatory wintertests turned by problems with the Honda engine in the soup and also the first races of the season proved particularly disappointing.

“The feeling is this year very different from last year,” said Vandoorne. “Last year I was obviously a rookie and I had very many things to learn. I had a lot of things go through a lot of things to test.”

This year was the wintertests also not without its problems but the feeling of Vandoorne is much better than last year.

“As soon as I have this year in the car got felt everything natural, normal, and I had immediately a good feeling.”

“I spent a lot of time in the factory and together with the people of the aerodynamics, we tried the car to develop in a way as I wish. So far everything is very positive and I am very happy, I can’t complain.”

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