Stars support scholierenprotest

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Several hollywood stars have expressed their support for the students that Wednesday throughout the united states, the class count a lot of protest against gun violence.

Miley Cyrus shared on Twitter a photo of protesting students and wrote: “Proud of all of you. Never give up! You are the change. It is great when young people get their power to find and that know how to use.” Zendaya let us know: “So proud. I stand behind each and every student today.”

“The young people of this generation give me so much hope”, said Chris Evans. “It is time that the wapenwetten change.” Oscarwinnares Allison Janney published a picture of protesting students in front of the White House. “You young people inspire me”, she wrote it.

Ryan Seacrest spoke to the students via Twitter. “Our voice is powerful and you are never too young to make a bold statement. I am really touched by school pupils throughout the country who have participated. You will be heard.”

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