Senate candidate U.S. wants the weapons for the homeless

4c8a8433613e44483a77ed3061b3bd28 - Senate candidate U.S. wants the weapons for the homeless

MICHIGAN – A Libertarian from Michigan in the Us Senate want to go, in his campaign, proposed to raise money to shotguns to buy for the homeless.

Brian Ellison

“Not only is there continuous criminal threat against the homeless, but also of governments at different levels that certain activities, criminalizing, while the weaker people they trust in order to survive,” said Senate candidate Brian Ellison at Michigan Radio.

Ellison is not afraid that the homeless, the weapons will be misused, if the police, for example, they try to remove, because they are somewhere illegally camp. “I don’t understand as well why the homeless would otherwise be seen as the rest of us. I also always carry a weapon with me, but I dupeer anybody. They will have the guns really only use it as self-defense.”

Campaign slogan

Ellison understands that the subject is sensitive, especially given the campaign slogan: ’Arm the homeless’. He believes that he was against his Democratic and Republican opponents run; however, because they have more money to spend. However, he wants to make clear that he was serious with his idea. Ellison wants the violence against the homeless to bring to the attention.

In terms of timing, it’s not useful, given the protests of schoolchildren, who this week masaal went to protest against weapons. “Children watching too much television. They do not understand what the reality currently is.” Of course, he finds mass shootings are terrible, but ’the control of weapons is not the solution’.

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