Selena Gomez was friends with Jennifer Aniston after meeting in a toilet

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Jennifer has a little bit about her younger colleague pity.

The friendship of Selena Gomez with her idol Jennifer Aniston started to get a bit uncomfortable. That she told the talk show JustJaredJR. The singer was the star of Friends unexpectedly in a toilet.

Selena was years ago at the same party as Jennifer and the young star came to happen to the ladies room while Aniston her makeup on order made.

“I was shaking”, confessed them. “I came to Jennifer in the bathroom and she says: ‘Hello!’ My legs started to tremble and I made that I came off. I didn’t know what I should do, because I panic hit.”

That was in 2009 and the two have now become best friends – even though Aniston with 49 years, almost half of the 25-year-old Selena. The singer loves to be with her friend at home to hang around and says: “She has a pizza oven. We have pizza at her house!”

“She is very cool and very sweet,” she adds. “It gives me a lot of advice, such as motherly advice.”

And Selena also told me that Jennifer her all kinds of tips has given about how they should behave on the red carpet. The tips were a welcome addition to the tutorial that is Selena at the beginning of her career did. They studied the behavior of the actress at media events and listened to the things that she said to reporters. “People sat around me laughing and they were like, ‘Wow, you’re obsessed!'”

The friendship blossomed only really in 2014 after Selena on Instagram had written about her encounter with Aniston.

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