Selena Gomez and girlfriend ‘depressed’ after kidney transplant

d030a3553ff2c8e45a8c67e2bbc45a24 - Selena Gomez and girlfriend 'depressed' after kidney transplant

The kidney transplant of Selena Gomez did for her, and donor Francia Raisa not only physical consequences. The two have, after the operations also psychologically difficult time.

Raisa tells Thursday to magazine Self that they are for the transplant by a social worker warned was an emotionally heavy time.

“They said: ‘It is difficult. The receiver will recover a lot more quickly than the donor, because they get something that they need and you lose something that you don’t have to lose’. And it was also difficult,” says the donor. However, gold that is not only for herself. “Selena and I are after, both by a depression is gone. That we had not expected.”

Now carries Francia Raisa the scars that they to the surgery left him with pride. “Scars are a part of your life story. It is the part of your story that you are different and special.”


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