Schuldbewuste Courtois: “As a man my error acknowledge’

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Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois of Chelsea in Barcelona, the weakling of the evening.

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois frustrated by a tegendoelpunt against FC Barcelona.

The Belgian keeper had twice a shot of luminary Lionel Messi between his legs by slip (1-0 and 3-0). Therefore, there was for the English club last month the favorite Barcelona even at 1-1 did not save more in Camp Nou.

“I have often played against Messi and it was also not the first time that he scored with a shot between my legs”, let Courtois disappointed know. “For a goalkeeper of my height is probably my weakest point. That is very annoying, but I have to face it. I must, as a man, my mistake to recognize.”

Messi scored against Courtois after 2 minutes, and 6 seconds, a new record for the Argentinean star player, who on the right, with the long Belgian keeper devoured. “I was expecting that shot not”, sighed Courtois. “Consequently, I could my legs not on time close. In fact, we have four goals in two duels just given away to Barcelona. They were all personal mistakes.”

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