Scheidsrechtersbaas Van Egmond will find that Nijhuis stricter must blow the whistle

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Scheidsrechterbaas Dick van Egmond will find that Bas Nijhuis too much to play and the rules are not strict enough standards. The coordinator of the KNVB has the 41-year-old Tukker on the mat is called, because of his way of whistling.

“Bass, what more can whistle, that’s right,” says Van Egmond against the AD. “Where other referees might be less would have to whistle.”

Nijhuis is there as an arbitrator known to many in the field, and that makes for irritation when players and coaches. As expressed PSV striker Luuk de Jong recently fierce criticism: “I am very fond of. Of course, we now know all that he little flute and duels let go. But there is also a border.”

That admits Of Egmond, who Publish under a magnifying glass. “His way of competitions lead to our topic of conversation. That was in the past so we are recently back on the come back. That is, I deny not.”


Because Nijhuis much lets continue and other referee correctly soon whistle, the players can sometimes be hard to know how far they can go in the field. There should, according to Van Egmond to change in the future. “There is a certain bandwidth that you as the referee can look it up. We speak arbitrators as they dare go.”

“Bass is on one side of the spectrum. Let’s say: all the way to the left,” explains Van Egmond. “And there are referees who quite sit right. We try both of those sides a little bit to the middle to pull.”

However, it must Nijhuis especially not self-denying, old-arbitrator Of Egmond. “A referee will get the space to developing his own style, but he also knows that he must act as prompted.”

Of all the referees in the Premier league grabs Nijhuis, by far, the least of which, calculated in the AD. The Tukker flute on average 20,85 times per match, while Serdar Gözübüyük that, for example, eur 27.83 time.

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