Russian aircraft have up to three tonnes of gold fall

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A Russian cargo plane has at the start in the Siberian city of Jakoetsk more than three tonnes of gold out of his cargo lost. The loading door was at the take-off disengaged, so that a part of the cargo on the runway and landed.

Employees of the airport gathered more than 170 goudbaren (3,4 tons), which on the snow-covered runway, spread layers. According to experts, was an alloy of gold and silver.

The exact cause of the incident with the four propeller-driven aircraft of the type Antonov An-12 is not yet obsolete. It is possible that the cargo in the unit has not been properly fixed and is starting to slide.

The aircraft, as a destination, the Siberian city Krasnoyarsk had transported more than nine tonnes of gold. The cargo is owned by a Russian mining company. The vast and sparsely populated region Jakoetsk is located at almost 5000 kilometres from Moscow and is rich in minerals. There are some great gold and diamond mines.

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