Russia is going to ‘quickly’ British diplomats off

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The Kremlin has Thursday out at the ‘absolutely irresponsible position’ of London over the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. After the sanctions of the British, Russia will itself ‘as quickly as possible’ countermeasures, ‘as much as possible, ” the Russian interests should be.

Kremlinwoordvoerder Dmitry Peskov says that his country is ‘perplexed’ about the British point of view, and this ‘do not understand’. The allegations are ‘unfounded’. ‘The position of the British seems to us to be absolutely irresponsible in the light of diplomatic relations’

He added that there were “clues of provocation” within the vergiftigingszaak. The betichten of Moscow happened already before it was known what zenuwgif was used.

President Vladimir Putin will personally make a choice from retaliatory measures that best correspond with Russian interests, according to the Kremlinwoordvoerder. These measures will come ‘soon’.

Diplomats off

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has told the news agency Ria Novosti said that Moscow is “surely” fast British diplomats will tell. ‘Polite as we are, we will first our British counterparty has to inform about the concern, said the head of Russian diplomacy also.


The French president, Emmanuel Macron said that his country ” in the coming days’ action will disclose. France condemns ‘in the most effectual manner’ the poisoning, ‘which does everything think that the responsibility to Russia to write it’.

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