Rihanna angry blunder of Snapchat

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Snapchat has continued to rage on the neck of Rihanna. Reason for Rihanna’s anger is an ad on Snapchat was shown with the text: ’Would you rather Rihanna meppen or Chris Brown?’.

Snapchat had already apologized and pulled the ad for a mobile game. According to the company is advertising falsely approved and is in conflict with the advertising guidelines.

Rihanna responded Thursday still on the incident. “Snapchat, you’re not my favorite app, that you know,” wrote Rihanna on Instagram Stories. “I try to still figure out what point you wanted to make. I would love it ignorance call it, but I know that you are not so dumb.”

Also, Chris Brown has responded to the ad via his lawyer. “Who is this Snapchat has posted, must himself be beaten,” says Brown’s lawyer to E! News. Chris Brown was in 2009 sentenced for assaulting Rihanna, his then girlfriend.

A spokesperson of Snap Inc., creator of Snapchat, called the controversial ad is disgusting. “The ad may never appear. We regret that we this terrible error. We examine what happened during the assessment process, error is gone so we can make sure that such a thing can’t happen again.”

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