Relationship CNN anchor Anderson Cooper over

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After nine years, the relationship of the CNN presenter Anderson Cooper over. Cooper has Thursday to let me know that he and his friend Benjamin Maisani, a large nachtclubuitbater, since some time apart.

“We remain the best friends of each other and will be a lot of our life together continue to share”, Cooper (50) at TMZ know. The two men lived together in Manhattan, New York.

The last time, I went into photos of Anderson Cooper and Victor Lopez. Cooper denies nor confirms that he is dating this doctor from Dallas.

Anderson Cooper came out in 2012, the cabinet. He revealed his sexual orientation in an e-mail to a columnist for the American Daily Beast. He wrote: “The fact is, I homosexual am, and always have been, and always will remain. I can’t be happier, more comfortable and more proud than at this moment.” He was thus the first overt homosexual newsreader in the United States.

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