Re-searches in the Catalan government

bb3c4ee2400e55c21de2c693737a1f45 - Re-searches in the Catalan government

The Guardia Civil on Thursday to the seat of the autonomous Catalan government have gone for a search warrant. The police is looking for documents showing illegal financing of the referendum on independence of 1 October to prove themselves.

This have Spanish newspapers reported.

The searches take place on the orders of the court in Barcelona, which has jurisdiction in the case, Juan Antonio Ramírez Sunyer. He wants to figure out whether the Catalan government, publicly has used the plebiscite to afford, wrote the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Not only the department of the prime minister is undergoing a search warrant. The Guardia Civil searches in the headquarters of the organisation Òmnium Cultural, which promotion performs for the Catalan language and culture, and the home of Antoni Molons, ex-secretary for the ‘Dissemination and Attention to the citizens’.

The court ordered the imprisonment of the latter during the searches, reported the newspaper El Economista.

After a declaration to have passed will Molons may have. He was previously questioned about his role in promoting the referendum, while the Constitutional Court the referendum had been suspended.

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