Rapper Meek Mill may free

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Meek Mill may be quickly released from the prison. The public prosecutor in Philadelphia and has indicated no objections to the motion that the rapper was submitted to on free feet.

Meek Mill

The prosecutor had, according to TMZ Wednesday in rechtbankdocumenten know that it looks that the conviction of Mill, which is actually Robert Rihmeek William is called, will be reversed. The reason for this is a scandal with the local police, where questionable actions by multiple agents has come to light. Also the agent who the rapper arrested and testified in his trial on a list of politiemedewerkers whose reliability is questioned.

Meek Mill was in november sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating the terms of probation. That he imposed when he in 2009 was brought forward released after a prison sentence for drug dealing and illegal possession of weapons. In the lawsuit around that transgressions played the potentially unreliable agent to a role.

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