Prime minister May visit Salisbury

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SALISBURY – The British prime minister Theresa May is Thursday in Salisbury is received by, among others, the police chief Kier Pritchard and mp John Glen. The visit is in the sign of the attack with a chemical weapon on the life of a in this Southern English town living ex-double agent out of Russia, Sergei Skripal.

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May brought a visit to the pub that is visited by Skripal and his daughter, before she is unwell.

Skripal is Sunday 4 march will be bombarded with a in the Soviet Union developed a nerve gas. He is together with his 33-year-old daughter Yulia in a coma. Also a police officer, there is serious, but he is now again recovered.

Many people are in one way or another side came in contact with the fatal substance. The city fears that the attack and the investigations of trails in and around the city, people keep away. The municipality has launched a campaign under the slogan ’We are open’ to attract visitors.


The American, British, German and French leaders have combined their disgust spoken about the assassination in Salisbury. They put in a statement that the attack with a chemical weapon is also an attack on the sovereignty of the United Kingdom has been and that Russia is behind it.

The four questions the Kremlin all the information about the project ’novitsjok’, such as the substance used from the Soviet Union, to be transferred for investigation to the international organization for the chemical weapons fights, the OPCW in The Hague. Russia would be the treaties of OPCW violate the novitsjok-attack.

Russia denies any involvement in the assassination attempt on 4 march. Moscow says it is also strange to find that the British are no examples of the found nerve gas will want to share.

Russian president Putin is, according to his spokesman, ’deeply concerned about the provocative and destructive attitude of the British government in the investigation and treatment of the case-Skripal. Moscow announced British diplomats to tell. The measure is a response to the decision of London to 23 Russian diplomats to send away.

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