Premier Slovakia cleans up field in crisis

b9a80e8e732405785df9373f10de473d - Premier Slovakia cleans up field in crisis

BRATISLAVA – The 42-year-old Peter Pellegrini is the new government of Slovakia has become. He was already deputy prime minister and follows Robert Fico, that the field has been cleared due to the political crisis that arose after the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiance.

Robert Fico (left) and the new prime minister, Peter Pellegrini.

Kuciak (27) did research on ties between the Italian mafia and government, in which EU money has been abused.

President Andrej Kiska of Slovakia agreed that Fico his successor could choose. Therefore, there will be no early elections. Fico does not disappear from the scene, because he remains party leader.

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