Penoza-fellow takes the baton of Eric Corton

a207932e7fe20cc7a4c05e1cd3a6b43e - Penoza-fellow takes the baton of Eric Corton

The solo performance Ma, based on the book by Hugo Borst, next theatre season due to success in reprise. The beginning of the tour will be re-played by Eric Corton, he is then replaced by Penoza colleague Loek Peters.

Eric Corton (l.) and, Loek Peters

The revival of Ma consists of more than sixty performances and runs from mid-september to early december, he made the production company Solo Stories Thursday known. Corton will the performance still two weeks to play, then take Peters passed on the baton.

Ma went to the end of January premiere and received in addition to wonderful reactions from the audience rave reviews. It is the third presentation of production company Solo Stories, that solovoorstellingen for medium-sized theatres. The monologue is based on the book that Hugo Borst wrote about the declining spirit of his mother and her inevitable move to a nursing home.

Loek Peters (1974) studied at the theatre School in Amsterdam and then made nine years as part of the permanent ensemble of the Noord Nederlands Toneel. On television he was seen in different Dutch series, including A’dam – E. V. A., Tower C and Penoza, which he five seasons the role of Berry sang.

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