Participant, American Idol báált of kiss Katy Perry

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A 19-year-old contestant on American Idol was by judge Katy Perry spontaneously kissed. On his mouth. But the boy was not happy at all with the kiss from the world-famous singer.

Katy Perry

“He kissed a girl and didn’t like it’. Benjamin Glaze, tells the Daily Mail, wanted his first kiss to be very special. Now, everyone would be a kiss from the Katy Perry was special, but the romantic Glaze had something else in mind. “I wanted to keep it for the person with whom I’m in my first relationship had,” explains Benjamin in the New York Times. “Someone to whom I actually gave.

The artist, who with Nick Jonas’ hit Levels high threw, it was clear his á propos, when Katy Perry, unasked and unexpectedly, her lips on his hustle. “It was a little uncomfortable”, Benjamin found. And as they would first have to ask? “I know that a lot of men would have said: ‘of Course!'”. But he grew up in a conservative family? “I would have her dismissed.”

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