Oops: airport littered with gold and platinum

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Jakoetsk – A Russian airport was Thursday, studded with diamonds, gold and platinum, when a cargo aircraft to its cargo – to a value of 305 million euros – lost. The police and secret services, find now all feverishly at each other.

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After take-off in Jakoetsk shot the laadluik open. That was according to Russian media, because of a broken latch.

It was raining gold at the airport. Anyway flew the airport long. There are gold bars found up to 26 kilometres from the airport, where the plane made an emergency landing.

On photos and videos is to see how the gold bars around the runway spread. At this time, all the valuables together, writes the Siberian Times.

The damage seems to be mainly financial: as far as is known nobody gained a gold bar on his head. Two technicians by the police arrested. They will be held responsible for the defects of the plane.

Jakoetsk is located in Siberia. It is the capital of the autonomous republic of Sakha and counts about 200,000 inhabitants.

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