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Now on television, even though nagekaart about reality tv

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At football games we are all used to: after we switch to the studio, where a few wise analysts, and Jan Mulder, the main stages once again able to comment. Or doodpraten, if you will. That trend is now coming to realityprogramma programs like Temptation Island and The mole. Provisionally without Jan Mulder.

Goedele on top, we can tell you, is a must. The program is only via the website of Five to watch, but that should not stop you, even if you have never been to Temptation island look …

Goedele on top, we can tell you, is a must. The program is only via the website of Five to watch, but that should not stop you, even if you have never been to Temptation island look. The concept is simple: Goedele Liekens will receive the most outstanding participant from the preceding episode (the man of the match, called in voetbalanalitische terms) and is overflowing with him or her, the events from that episode. In addition, we see presented some key scenes again, and then Goedele the participant to the tooth feel. They have to select the tactics and strategies of the leaders as discussed them a 4-4-2 formation. “What do you mean exactly with “rearing”?’, she asks with a piercing look in his gaze seductress Laetitia. And even later: ‘It sounds like work, which men decorate.’

The interviewed participants see the clips from Temptation island often for the first time. That works disarmingly, that brave people are already out of their role and in their soul look. Or the gaping hole where the soul should be. In the episode with Megan (the girl that according to her boyfriend Kevin as ‘koekerond’ is that ‘the cheese out of her ears and runs’), and sees that poor child for the first time, the images of themselves while they are excited to seducer Joshua is to look in the bedroom. ‘Weird to make yourself so busy to see on tv, ” she says. “It was sex with respect, though I remember nothing of it, I was quite drunk.’

Goedele let the subject do not shoot and elicits Megan the now legendary quote about the small condoms. But they tell also that Megan before her relationship with Kevin was a fan of onenightstands’. Not that the sex was nice (only the boys came ready’), but she enjoyed the attention. Megan is now 18, the treasure. Goedele has with her to do and gives some motherly advice about her ‘destructive relationship’ with the ‘narcissistic manipulator’ Kevin. “You know what the only way is to have such a relationship to come off?” she asks. ‘Die?’ betting on Megan. “No,” says Gudula patient. ‘All contact with her.’

It is delicious television, and it’s not even on television.

Unhealthy fascination

Goedele on top is the first nakaartprogramma about Temptation island, but not the first nakaartprogramma about reality tv in Flanders. That honor goes to Gilles Van Bouwel, who last year in an attempt to retaliate during the advertising breaks in The mole, in Four. Van Bouwel, the mole in the first reboot of the program, and talked, each with two well-known guests (we remember our Joy Anna Thielemans and Eline De Munck) about the latest mindfucks in the program. That happened when on Facebook live: for you are good by, it was already gone.

This year picks up Four the more ambitious. To start moves The mole to Sunday night, traditionally the evening when One has a monopoly. And after the end of each episode to open the station Café De mol, in which the owners Gilles Van Bouwel and Frances Lefebure half an hour nakaarten about the events, with known and unknown guests. The only thing all those people have in common, is an unhealthy fascination with the program. There will also be hard to see the reaction of molloten on social media to look at. There will instead, claim the makers for in-depth analyses, silly thoughts, informed and of the pot way that they are pulled theories about the identity of the mole.’

In anticipation of the new season, on Sunday 25 march begins, there is now Sunday the first episode of Café De mol, in which the candidates are proposed.

You are watching still live?

In the U.S., nakaartprogramma’s already a phenomenon. Especially about the most popular fictiereeksen, genre, Game of thrones , and Westworld, chatting to the Americans on tv after to they a our roads. In Flanders, it is outside of the sport is a new phenomenon. What strategy is there behind it?

Café De mol has grown out of the Facebook Lives that Gilles Van Bouwel did last year, and where up to 100,000 people were watching,’ says Kristof Demasure, spokesperson of SBS, the company behind Four and Five. ‘If you are on social media such numbers, then you know that you have an idea for a tv program. Also Goedele on top is already a successful experiment: depending on the guest, she gets 50,000 to 100,000 viewers. It is still not a foregone conclusion or we that program next year, online keep or Five programming, but it is nice to see that especially young people find their way to our various platforms. There is a clear demand for those formats to the viewers.’

And at the stations there is a demand for viewers that live look and hence the ad breaks do not skip, Demasure. “Programs like Temptation island and The mole, no matter how different they are, aim for the “experience”. The are events where people come together to look, there together afterwards, talking about, in bars and on social media. With peripheral programs, as Goedele is on top of and Cafe The mol , we are playing it. The more people live looking in place of postponed, the better we have it, obviously.’

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