No girls allowed in ‘Temptation Tim … or is it?

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In the first episodes of Temptation Island let Tim doesn’t miss a chance to show his love for Deborah, Leemans to cry, but there seem to be cracks in that seemingly perfect picture.

“No girls allowed” was there to read in a letter to the chamber of Temptation Tim, who was planning his Deborah after the program at the marriage is asking. But slowly it seems when planning yet to succumb to the temptation. Temptress Cherish aim all her arrows on him and plenty of the ” timtation’.

In the eighth episode, we see how Tim temptress, Cherish access to his room, while he’s the lace top of the blonde stirs up. That sounds already not in conformity with the arrangements that the couple made for their participation in the program.

In the vrouwenresort there is of taking the hassle in the meantime, no question, at least not where the Megan and Joshua. Now her relationship with Kevin is over, wants Megan to spend more time with the tempter, Joshua. He takes so his stuff together and pulls her in.

Tonight is also the third time the dreaded campfire lit. What relationship comes under pressure and who believes in a good outcome? According Five this eighth episode – just like last year – an important turning point.

‘Temptation Island’ is the most powerful video players and breaks her own records. The new season after seven episodes, good for an average of 733.356 viewers and 49,8% of the market share, and supersede all previous seasons in the history of the program. Never got a program on FIVE such strong numbers.

Temptation Island, tonight at 21.35 hours on FIVE.

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