Man (79) arrested for offering rare cat

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MADRID – The Spanish police in Valencia, a man held the head of an Iberian lynx on sale offered. The Iberian lynx is one of the rarest felines in the world. According to the Spanish news agency Europa Press asked the 79-year-old man 400 euros for the head.

An Iberian lynx.

It is unclear how the man at the head of the lynx had come. He had also about a rifle for which he has no licence. It is not known whether he has this weapon has used it to the Iberian lynx to shoot.

The Iberian lynx was, until recently, still only in a few remote areas in southern Spain. From Portugal, he was probably gone, but there he is, recently brought back, according to the website of the World wildlife Fund. The total number of animals was last year February was estimated at 475.

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