London, in consultation with NATO over attack

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BRUSSELS – on the occasion of the attack with nerve gas in Salisbury, the British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson Monday consultations at NATO headquarters in Brussels. According to London is Moscow behind the attack on a former double agent and his daughter. NATO chief Jens) takes that conclusion about.

NATO chief Jens).

The British have not invoked article 5 of the NATO treaty, that other states are bound to help, said) Thursday. The 28 other member states said a day earlier right behind London. “Doubt not, the NATO will all of the allies to protect against threats from outside,” said the Norwegian.

It used nerve gas is one of the most toxic ever developed, says). “Unacceptable, this may not be in a civilized world.” The ceo said to see a pattern in the “reckless and confrontational” conduct of the Russians in the last few years, referring to the aggression in Ukraine, attempts elections to influence the new weapons to develop.

“Destabilising and dangerous, but NATO remains the defensive”, he continued). “We do not want a new Cold War or arms race. Such a thing is expensive, risky and has no winner.”

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