Lodeweges: “This is wonderful, a very big honour’

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by Robin Jongmans – Dwight Lodeweges is delighted that he finally can get to work with the Dutch national Team. That he is the next four years (after two years following an evaluation) assistant Ronald Koeman, for the 60-year-old coach was the absolute crown on his three decades-long trainerscarrière.

Lodeweges: “This is wonderful, a very big honour’

,,This is a huge honor,’ admits Lodeweges, who will be happy was surprised that the KNVB and Koeman approached him and later in Zeist, the netherlands, is presented. ,,I have a great love for football and that you do this at the end of your career still may do, is beautiful. I look forward to the cooperation with Ronald and the best players of the Netherlands, where there is also a generation of young boys arrive.’
As an assistant coach, which was itself to last november’s coach of Orange Onder20, he also wants to show his face at the national youth teams. ,,I’m very fond of and that are part of that, I think. Of course, attack the interlandperiodes together, but where I can, I want to that teams look at and interest from the Orange.’
He is happy that the KNVB and PEC have agreed. Lodeweges is in the two interlandperiodes to 1 July is rented, the number seven of the Premier league. ,,The season at PEC would also really like to finish it. That this is so may, I am of course very happy’, said Lodeweges, who, therefore, there is during the oefeninterlands with England (23 march), Portugal (26 march), Slovakia (31 may) and Italy (4 June), before he PEC all the way behind.

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