Linda de Mol shocked about messages about ‘fraudulent’ tax advisor

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Linda de Mol says “in shock” about the messages of its tax consultant, French B., who is suspected that he celebrities, on paper, has had to emigrate to tax havens. In this way, would millions in taxes are evaded.

Wednesday wrote to various media about the tax adviser that, among others, Tiësto, and Afrojack worked.

“Frank B. does since more than 25 years of my financial affairs, and without any foreign structure”, writes The Mol in a statement to Quote. “From that relationship, he is honorary member of the Board of trustees of my foundation. If it turns out that he is aware of large errors can, of course, no more.”

“But I am really in shock how you in the media to be judged before anything even for ‘n right come. Someone I believe is innocent until his guilt is proven!”

Patricia Mine

In conversation with The Telegraph tells Patricia Mine that they are also one of the customers was of B.. “Financial structures abroad? Had he that me made. That bag has me two tons of cost. He did my returns, but forgot to say that I that money still had to pay. While letters to him came”.

The Tax imposed in 2017 attachment on the property of Mine due to an outstanding tax liability. That debt would now have been redeemed.


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