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Last season’s Game of Thrones is bloederigste ever

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The recordings of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones are in full swing. It promises the bloederigste series in the GoT-history.

There will be a lot of killing (even main characters!) fall – “one for one”, even. That will let you in on HBO-vice president Francesca Orsi during a press conference in Israel.

You die, and you die, and you die

Orsi tells us that the emotions occurred during the reading of the storyline. “None of the cast members had the script previously received. One by one, they stumbled upon their own death.” That would be for ‘our’ Dutch actress Carice van Houten and her role as Melisandre? After the tableread stood on and was there a quarter of an hour geapplaudiseerd. “Everyone had tears in their eyes.”

À la the Red Wedding

That promise a ‘Red Wedding’-like scenes to be, if we so read it. For the Game of Thrones-greenhorns among us: the infamous episode from season 3, in which gruesome manner, a range of dead characters fall.We are going the witness: in 2019 it will slotseizoen of Game of Thrones will be broadcast. Man, what will a lot of illegal downloaders and hackers in their battle to try to save it.

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