Kristen Stewart as Jean Seberg in the new political thriller

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Jack O’connell and Anthony Mackie also have a role in the film obtained.

Kristen Stewart is actress Jean Seberg play in the political thriller, Against All Enemies. The film will be the relationship of Seberg with civil rights advocate Hakim Jamal describe. Partly because of that relationship she became in the sixties a suspicious person to the FBI. Agents used their illegal COINTELPRO program to follow her.

Jamal is played by Anthony Mackie, while Jack O’connell, the FBI agent will play which was in charge of the investigation of Seberg.

The cast also consists of Margaret Qualley and Colm Meane, and the scenario written by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse.

“I think it is great to be with such an extraordinary cast to work,” says director Benedict Andrews. He can’t wait to get started.

The filmbazen, in turn, are happy that the director may have the bows for the job.

Meanwhile, Kirsten another star-studded film on the eye. She hopes to be a part of the cast that Charlie’s Angels back to life should arouse. Last year, there were rumors that the actress in the reboot would be. “I would really like to do, I hope that I can do,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “You know that you will be in a movie if you are on the set.”

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