Kendall Jenner confirm relationship

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Kendall Jenner has confirmed that she has a relationship with basketball player Blake Griffin. The model did so in cautious wording in the American Vogue. “I’m happy. He is very nice. I have someone who is very dear to me.”

Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin in Los Angeles.

In the interview, responding Kendall also on rumors she is a lesbian. “I’m not gay. I would something never hide,” said the realityster. “I don’t believe I want anything biseksueels or lesbian in me. But who knows? I would be open to the experience, I have absolutely nothing against that, but I tend never had.”

Kendell Jenner

The 22-year-old thinks to know how the rumors of the world are come. “I’m not like my sisters, who always immediately something like: ‘Here I am with my friend!’ Saw me never with a boy, because I always did my part to make it a little secretly.”

As an older sister Khloé soon gave birth, is Kendall the only one of her sisters, and brother on mothers side that have no children. That is the model provisionally to keep it this way. “I do want children, but only if I have 28 or 29 am. I wait.”

Blake Griffin

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