Kardashians Rita Ora finally FORGIVE

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Rita Ora talks finally with the Kardashians. It is six years after Rob Kardashian of her separated because they are him according to rumors with more than twenty men would have cheated.

Rita Ora poses with Heidi Klum (l) and jeweler Lorraine Schwartz at the party in Los Angeles, but also with the Kardashians she made a cheerful chat

But now everything is forgiven and forgotten in the Kardashian clan. The Hot Right Now-hitzangeres was spotted while they mingled in a merry conversation with Rob’s mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian. The rich celebrities were at a party of ’sterrenjuwelier’ Lorraine Schwartz in Los Angeles.

One of the many party-goers told the Daily Mail: “When Rob and Rita were divorcing in 2012, broke Kim and Kris onnmiddelijk with Rita. But both Kim and Rita realize that there are now a lot of time has passed and that all of them have gone further. They have their friendship so picked up again.”

Rob and Rita dominated the headlines in 2012 when Rob on Twitter his frustration was expressed: “How can a woman who is so busy with working on her career, have time to with so many men while they are in a relationship? I am weary of it.” From self-respect he would the relationship have broken. “People make mistakes. If they give me one man was cheating, would I be able to live,” he said. “But I have all too often been forgiven.” His claims are never officially confirmed.

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