Jennifer Lopez made in beginning of career #metoo-time

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Jennifer Lopez has in the beginning of her career, had to contend with sexual misconduct. The actress, however, refused to the director in question to obey.

That said Lopez in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“I’m not abused in the way that so many women have experienced. But I had a director of my shirt pulling out my breasts to show? Yes, I have experienced. But I did that also? No, I did not.”

Its decision to the director not to obey, found Lopez not easy. “I was terrified when I spoke. My heart pounded nearly out of my chest, while I feel shot: ‘What am I doing? This man gives me a job!'”

Two sides

The event took place in the beginning of the film career of the singer. “It was one of my first movies. But I knew that his behavior was not right. It could go one of two ways. But I think it ‘the Bronx’ that girl of the street, was in me, which said, ” Nah, this we cannot accept.”

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