In prison for deadly stunt pregnant YouTube star

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HALSTAD – A 20-year-old American woman must to prison, because an attempt a fun movie to take deadly past. She shot last year with a gun on her friend, who is an encyclopedia for kept.


It was intended that the thick book, the bullet would absorb and he would protect them, but the ball went right through the book and hit him. He died, for the eyes of about thirty spectators, among whom were their three year old child. The couple hoped that the video of the stunt viral it would go on YouTube.

Monalisa Perez, who at that time was pregnant with their second child, is guilty of manslaughter. She has a settlement with justice. She gets 180 days in jail, of which she is the half in the prison spends and half with house arrest at home. They should also never own a gun and possess it.

“The reality is that this silly stunt is conceived, planned and executed by him. They trusted, incorrect and tragically, on his promise that the stunt was safe,” said justice in the state of Minnesota against local media.

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